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“Curran tells us that he is changing the culture of the office by hiring and promoting more women and minorities. He has brought his department in under budget for years. His office tallied more DUI arrests in 2013 than any other sheriff’s department in the state, according to the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists. Curran is endorsed.Chicago Tribune Endorsement October 26, 2014
“He has operated the department below budget all eight years, and the county’s crime rate is down. Lake County leads the state in DUI arrests this year. Curran also has been lauded for religious and other programs he implemented to provide moral rehabilitation for criminals and reduce recidivism. We recommend him for another term.” Daily Herald Endorsement October 14, 2014


Antioch Mayor Lawrence Hanson
Beach Park Mayor John Hucker
Deer Park Mayor Bob Kellerman
Fox Lake Mayor Donny Schmit
Grayslake Mayor Rhett Taylor
Green Oaks Mayor Bernie Wysocki
Gurnee Mayor Kristina Kovarik
Hawthorn Woods Mayor Joseph Mancino
Highwood Mayor Charlie Pecaro
Island Lake Mayor Charlie Amrich
Kildeer Mayor Nandia Black
Lake Barrington Mayor Kevin Richardson
Lake Villa Mayor Frank Loffredo
Lake Zurich Mayor Tom Poynton
Libertyville Mayor Terry Weppler
Mettawa Mayor Casey Urlacher
Mundelein Mayor Steve Lentz
Old Mill Creek Mayor Temple Smith
Port Barrington Mayor Shannon Yeaton
Round Lake Mayor Daniel MacGillis
Round Lake Beach Mayor Rich Hill
Round Lake Heights Mayor Terrance Lumpkins
Round Lake Park Mayor Linda Lucassen
Vernon Hills Mayor Roger Byrne
Volo Mayor Steve Henley

On behalf of the Lake County Farm Bureau Legislative Committee, I would like to thank you for taking the time to interview with us. The committee not only enjoyed learning more about you, but also the insight you bring to the position.

The committee is pleased to offer you the Lake County Farm Bureau endorsement in your election!

Peter Bensinger


Former Administrator, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Former Director of Corrections, State of Illinois, Former Director of Corrections, State of Illinois, Former Chairman, Illinois Youth Commission and Resident of Lake County since 1982

“Mark Curran has been an outstanding Sheriff for Lake County. This is a very important law enforcement position with responsibilities for enforcing the law, supervising the jail, supporting the court and Criminal Justice System and setting a tone for respect for the law. Mark deserves to be re-elected and Lake County needs him.”



Hon. Corinne G. Wood


“I am supporting Sheriff Mark Curran because he possesses the integrity and common sense needed to lead a department of 500 plus employees. His record on hiring and promoting women is solid. His keen ability to recognize the value of faith-based volunteers as mentors and tutors within the Lake County Jail serves inmates and reduces recidivism. And lastly, I applaud his efforts to keep our communities safe by focusing on sexual predators and human traffickers on line and on our streets.”




Hon. Suzanne Simpson


“Mark and his team have been so responsive to the needs of the Township Center and its residents. He has my support!”





Allen Lynch
Allen Lynch


I’m proud to support Sheriff Curran because of his work in Veteran’s Court and in his pro veteran hiring practices.“




Doug Whitley

“Mark Curran, Jr. deserves re-election not only because of his leadership and law enforcement skills, but because taxpayers can trust his attention to good financial management and operating an efficient jail.”

Doug Whitley Past President & CEO, Illinois Chamber of Commerce




Helenic Voters Association

Executive Board Members of HISLEA

Hon. Ret. Fred L. Foreman

Hon. Barbara Richardson

Hon. Willard Helander

Hon. Roycealee Wood

Hon. Robert Skidmore

Hon. Mike Nerheim

Hon. Suzanne Simpson

Hon. Kathleen O’Connor

Hon. Glenn Swanson

Hon. Dan Sutherland

Hon. Kay Starostovic

Hon. Randy Whitmore

Hon. Dan Venturi

Hon. David Nelson

Hon. William Peterson

Veterans for Sheriff Curran

George Iler, Lt. Colonel (Ret.), US Army

Mike Amrozowicz, U.S. Navy

Harry Brown, U.S. Army

Joe Caliendo, (Ret.) US Marine and Purple Heart Recipient

Bonnie Barrington, HM3, US Navy

John Barrington, HM3 FMF, US Navy

Peter Karlovics, USMC, Corporal

Mark Lund, Tech. Sgt., Air National Guard

John Korpi, US Army, Combat Medic, Vietnam

Mark Hutchison, USMC, Corporal

Jack Koenig, USN, Petty Officer, 2nd Class

Dave Zumwalt, USAF Master Sergeant (Ret.)

Paul Schimpf, USMC Lt. Colonel (Ret.), Lead Attorney Advisor to Iraqi prosecutors in Saddam Hussein trial

Dan Babarik, Lt., USN, JAGC

Bill Miteff, Corporal, US Army Air Corps, WWII Veteran (Pacific theater & later occupation of Japan)